Parramatta Council deploying Windows 8.1

Parramatta Council deploying Windows 8.1

Summary: The local council will immediately adopt the new Microsoft OS on its release.


Parramatta City Council will be the first local Australian council to implement Microsoft Windows 8.1 after it is launched worldwide this Friday, 18 October.

Announced on Tuesday, the deal will see the council, located in Sydney's west, make use of the full Windows 8.1 suite, which will be immediately rolled out to council workers' laptops, smartphones, and tablets, and later extended to desktops.

"This announcement today signals the start of what we hope is an ongoing, long-term partnership with Microsoft that will not only improve our own internal efficiencies, but also lead to more positive community outcomes," said Parramatta City Lord Mayor John Chedid.

"Once implemented, the software will help transform Council's 750 employees into a truly mobile workforce with anywhere, anytime access."

Windows 8.1 will supersede the heavily criticised Windows 8, which continues to be outpaced in adoption by Windows 7. As of two weeks ago, according to NetMarketshare figures, Windows 8 made up just 8.02 percent of the total market share, whereas Windows 7's share made up 46.3 percent of the market.

Windows XP continues to account for 31.4 percent of the market, despite its end of life approaching in less than six months. On April 8, 2014, Microsoft will release its last security update for XP, with businesses now being urged to prepare to adopt an alternative OS.

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  • "will immediately adopt the new Microsoft OS on its release"....

    So I having this ongoing debate as to whether Windows 8.1 is a new OS. I have been told not from various quarters. But in your article it suggests it is a new release.

    So what is Windows 8.1 an update or a new release ????
    • Is Windows 8.1 an update or a new release?

      x I'm tc
      • Service Pack

        It's a Service Pack, for all intents and purposes other than marketing. There will be no Service Pack 1 for Windows 8, instead there's Windows 8.1. It's a rebranding of the Service Pack. Windows 8.

        The level of changes is in line with bigger service packs of the past (XP SP3, etc), plus updated Metro applications.
      • Re: Yes....

        That is as clear as mud. It is either one thing or the other.

        Or perhaps Windows 8.1 is both ?
        • It cannot be clearer

          MS is no longer using the title "Service Pack". Rather, is adding a numeral after a decimal point. In other words, what would have been Windows 8 SP1 will now be called Windows 8.1
    • Technically, it's a Service Pack...

      ... Albeit a big one.

      That's why 8.1 is replacing 8.0 in stores, similar to how Windows 7.1 replaced 7.0.
  • I'd sure like to hear how their rolling it out to smartphones.

    Must be some pretty dang smart phones they've got down under.
    Johnny Vegas
    • Thinking the same thing

      You're exactly right Johnny Vegas - I was just thinking exactly the same thing!
    • They're upgrading from WP 7.

      So following Microsoft's advice, they're buying all new phones. I am not even sure the WP 8 users will get the upgrade without buying a new phone.
      I hate trolls also
      • They will.

        WP7 -> WP8 was a complete overhaul, WP8 -> Next WP is not.

        You can Google the articles, ZD|Net's got something against posting links.
        • Jeez man

          Learn to take a joke. Lest you look like a WP troll. But the truth has always been to get a mobile upgrade, you had to buy new hardware. WM 5.x to WM 6 was a hardware replacement. My last WM phone had WM 6.3. It would not upgrade to WM 6.5, without new hardware. It wasn't until Apple, stated upgrading older hardware with newer versions of iOS, that it even became an issue.
          I hate trolls also
          • Typo Alert

            "Apple, stated upgrading older hardware with newer versions of iOS"
            should read
            "Apple, started upgrading older hardware with newer versions of iOS"
            I hate trolls also
  • Interesting - effect of proprietary "sweetheart deals" vs. FOSS deployments

    Just occurred to me - when an MS is willing to bankroll deals, pouring in resources for the sake of the marketing value, they're optimizing value locally for the organization involved (sweetheart deals on licensing, etc.), but have to make it up elsewhere - and so are not optimizing globally.

    The same dynamic doesn't occur with FOSS ... any value that Organization A derives from adopting FOSS is equally available to Organization B.

    Hmm ... food for thought.
  • Parramatta Council deploying Windows 8.1

    This is just the start. More companies will see this as an example then continue to deploy Microsoft Windows 8.1.
  • not sure about that...

    i read this as just another indicator of just how poorly Win8 has done.

    A story about a local city council adopting Win8.1 on an international tech-oriented website says quite a bit, little of it good.
  • Windows offical upgrade to 8.1

    If Microsoft had done, in the beginning what they did to the upgrade of 8.1 consumers would have not been so mixed-up about Windows 8. Just downloaded the final upgrade 8.1 w/ Explorer 11 and noticed directions on how things work by displaying a Big Arrow pointing out where things where. This simple addition to Windows 8 would have made a world of difference in the introduction of 8 even my son who had never touched it had no problem navigating. I hope lesion is well learned. Just so you will know the new upgrade to 8.1 is very together and a good upgrade.