Partnership adds latest PCI security to mobile retail solution

Partnership adds latest PCI security to mobile retail solution

Summary: Startups MokiMobility and Revel Systems are teaming up to marry PCI monitoring and management with iPad point-of-sale technology.


Revel Systems is one of several companies that have captured the attention of smaller retailers and businesses with an iPad point-of-sale (POS) solution for restaurants, grocery stores and retail establishment.

Now, the company is teaming up with a cloud-centric startup, MokiMobility, to integrate the PCI Security Standards Council's latest guidelines with Revel's POS technology.

MokiMobility is a Salt Lake City-based company that develops cloud applications that can help turn smartphones, tablets and mobile devices into secure mobile POS systems. 

"This partnership is the catalyst that will drive growth and adoption of iPad POS," said Chris Ciabarra, chief technology officer and founder of San Francisco-based Revel, commenting on the new relationship. "Scaling iPad deployments and securing each device to security process payments is a very high priority for us. MokiMobility is the only vendor that could deliver us the management capabilities we need for our customers as well as the security and monitoring features necessary to meet the PCI guidelines."

MokiMobility this week received $2 million in seed funding led by investment firm Epic Ventures. 

New research from publication RIS suggests that 52 percent of U.S. retailers are planning to add tablets within the new 24 months, while 32 percent of them could do so within the next year.

"MokiMobility is positioned to provide a solution for a huge market opportunity for cloud-based management and security of mobile devices being used for specific purposes," said Nick Efstratis, partner of Epic Ventures, commenting on his firm's investment.

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  • Radio waves

    Any device using RF for money based transactions is somewhere between risky and completely stupid. There are too many ways to capture the details and later hack them. Normally I'd give some examples but it isn't worth the time and effort to attempt educating manufacturers and service points about how insecure radio(s) are and will remain.