PayPal Australia imports new MD

PayPal Australia imports new MD

Summary: PayPal Australia has brought in fresh blood from the US to run its local operations after the departure of Frerk-Malte Feller late last year.


PayPal Australia has brought in fresh blood from the US to run its local operations after the departure of Frerk-Malte Feller late last year.

Jeff Clementz

Jeff Clementz
(Credit: PayPal Australia)

PayPal Australia announced today that the new man in the local hot seat will be Jeff Clementz. Clementz hails from the company's headquarters in California, and has spent nearly a decade with the company, heading up the merchant risk policy and strategy, risk product infrastructure, consumer protections and consumer product-management teams.

His most recent job, according to PayPal, was the head of operational excellence for global customer service and operations.

Clementz said that he is keen to get underway in the evolving Australian payments space.

"I am delighted to be taking on this new role in Australia. As the Australian retail and payments landscape changes, there are huge opportunities for PayPal to support and enable commerce in the new environment. I look forward to working with my colleagues and industry partners to address these changes," Clementz said of his appointment.

PayPal Australia recently joined the international arm of the company in launching PayPal Here, a physical card payments dongle that can be plugged in to Apple and Android smartphones to facilitate transactions on the go.

Total sign-ups at this point are unclear, but PayPal Australia did tell ZDNet Australia that in the first 24 hours of the product's availability, there were over 1000 registrations of interest for the Here product.

Clementz's appointment also garnered kind words of support from the company's senior vice president of Asia Pacific, Rupert Keeley, who said that Clementz "brings with him the type of expertise that will be integral to leading the development of our Australian business, as we enable payments online, on mobile and in store".

"PayPal plays a leading role in Australia's advanced and rapidly growing online commerce market, enjoying a large domestic base of 4.5 million active customer accounts," he added.

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  • There is a rumour afoot that the reason PayPal is now so aggressively applying lengthy holds on seller-users’ funds is because PayPal’s clunky, stand-alone payment system is causing too much trouble for the real banks with charge-backs and other transactional disputes and PreyPal has apparently been told to shape up or ship out, and if they don’t shape up, then they risk having their “merchant account” with the infamous Wells Fargo Bank declared “persona non grata”. (Funny too how the unscrupulous tend to congregate.) This, of course, is the same risk that any unscrupulous merchant account holder faces with any real bank. And what would such closure mean? It could effectively mean the end of the clunky PreyPal.

    Therefore, there is little chance that PreyPal will, of its own volition, cease applying these funds holds—which are a clear breach of the conditions applying to its money transmitter licences. (Still, it would be nice to think that the situation was causing the “eBafia Don” some loss of sleep.)

    Having said that, notwithstanding that you have “agreed” to these holds, the details of which are buried somewhere deep in the bowels of the PreyPal UA, the fact is, in matters of contract law, such conditions, that fly in the face of statutory law, are not enforceable.

    The simple fact is, PreyPal has no long-term future …

    With PayPal "mobile" at POS and "PayPal Here" merchants can expect the full package of PreyPal services: hard-wired "buyer protection", funds holds, rolling reserves, and all the scamming buyers the criminal facilitator eBay has encouraged to crawl out of the woodwork—won't that be fun for merchants, just like on eBay ...

    And, just for a laugh then, some comment on PayPal's off-eBay products: "The New Way To Pay In-Store" (at Home Depot), PayPal Here, SmartPay, PayPal Digital Wallet, PayPal Debit MasterCard, PayPal Local and Watch With eBay ...

    And, when do we start calling eBay a payments company ...

    eBay / PayPal / Donahoe: Dead Men Walking
    Philip Cohen
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