Pebble smartwatch update introduces 'Do Not Disturb' option

Pebble smartwatch update introduces 'Do Not Disturb' option

Summary: Users of the Pebble smartwatch can gain more control over what information is automatically pushed to the watch by updating to the latest version of the Pebble's firmware.

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The Pebble smartwatch has received a firmware update that gives users more control over what information is is automatically pushed from smartphones to the watch. 

Apps running on the Android, iPhone and other iOS devices can be configured to send notification information to the Pebble's screen. The new version of the PebbleOS, v1.14, gives Pebble users a 'Do Not Disturb' option, which blocks the watch from receiving any notifications for a set period of time.

Users will also have more control over which notifications are displayed and are able to choose to switch notifications on or off, or to only receive notifications about phone calls. These options are available via a dedicated menu in the phone settings.

Notifications from the Apple iPhone and other iOS devices are now sent more rapidly to the Pebble and after exiting Airplane Mode, Pebble will search for connectable iOS devices immediately, instead of waiting one minute.

The Alarm app is also updated, giving users the ability to create multiple alarms, and to toggle and edit existing alarms. There is also a new snooze alarm that is customisable via the Pebble Alarms app.

Various bugs are fixed, including an issue with Bluetooth connections dropping a few seconds after being initiated, Bluetooth data transfer reliability issues and a problem with Caller ID data not being displayed after a missed call.

For developers Beta 3.0 of the Pebble SDK 2.0 has also been released, that introduces bug fixes, stablility improvements and new features.

Pebble users wanting to update to the new firmware can open the Pebble iOS or Android app to begin the process. Additional help on applying the update can be found on the firm's Support page.

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Topics: Hardware, Mobility


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  • Pebble Progression

    Not exactly huge updates, but it's the little updates like this that help make the Pebble ( ), and really all technology reach its maximum potential.
  • What the point in this device?

    Seriously..I carry a phone all day with me and use that to tell the time (I just don't need a watch anymore).

    It has better feature for checking email, etc and it doesn't give me a sore wrist like my old watch did.

    PLUS Pebble smartwatch costs £150 for a fricking watch!! I can get a far more decent phone for that with a LOT more features.

    Just a stupid gimmick for people with more money than sense.
    Mi Pen
    • Troll

      I suppose when you receive a text while driving you pull off the road and retrieve your phone to check it so you aren't a danger to other drivers, right?