Pebble Steel smartwatch unboxing and first look (Video)

Pebble Steel smartwatch unboxing and first look (Video)

Summary: In this video I take a first look at the second smartwatch released by the company that started the smartwatch phenomenon – Pebble Technology Corp.


Pebble began shipping the successor to its wildly popular smartwatch, Pebble Steel ($249), this week and I made a video of the out-of-box experience. Pebble Steel follows one of the most successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaigns of 2012 which saw the original Pebble E-Paper watch raise over $10 million, when it was only seeking $100,000. 

Pebble Steel was launched in January at International CES 2014 and was selected as one of Wired's 10 Best at CES 2014. CNET called it the first smartwatch worth wearing

In this video I unbox the Pebble Steel and take a look at the leather and metal bands (it includes both), pair it to my iPhone 5s and take a brief look at the Pebble 2.0 app (free, App Store) which was launched on Monday with a new appstore of its own. ZDNet's Matthew Miller posted a gallery and first look at Pebble 2.0 last week. 

Take a look:

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  • Still f*ing ugly

    .... and completely useless.
    • And what did you think...

      ... Of the Pebble?
  • Problems

    I can't in any way recommend someone buy a Pebble. I bought the standard model and have had nothing but problems keeping it connected to my phone. It's really cool when it works, but it frequently becomes disconnected from my phone. I've contacted support numerous times about it and never get a response. Other people on the forums complain of similar problems and never get a response. Too bad since it could be a really great product.
    Future Soon
  • Still too big!

    I have fairly small wrists, and the original Pebble was too big. So I gave it away to a happy new "trickle down" user. The new one, although a bit smaller, is still too big. I'll wait for the, hopefully soon" iWatch from Apple.