Pentaho launches new version of suite, mobile app

Pentaho launches new version of suite, mobile app

Summary: Open source BI Vendor Pentaho revs its business analytics suite and releases a new mobile HTML 5 client for iPad.

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Pentaho, the Open Source Business Intelligence vendor, is launching some interesting new bits today.

To begin with, the Orlando, FL company is launching version 4.8 of its eponymous BI suite, which includes a brand new component: Instaview.  While Pentaho has for some time offered tools for ETL (extract, transform and load), data modeling and reporting, the Instaview product allows customers to perform all three tasks in one product.

Based on the notion of schema-on-read, Instaview users open data from an array of sources (including HDFS, Hive, HBase, MongoDB and Cassandra), allow the product to discover the fields within the data, then select the fields of interest and visualize the data.  In the background, ETL models and dimensional schema are generated and the data is then loaded into, and queried form, a MonetDB-based columnar, in-memory database.



InstaviewPentaho 4.8, featuring the Instaview component for interactive analysis of NoSQL and Big Data



Impala compatibility
One exciting feature of Instaview is that it has been tuned to work with Cloudera’s Impala, a distributed SQL query engine that can query HDFS and HBase data directly and interactively, without resorting to batch-mode MapReduce code.

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Although Impala was announced less than two weeks at Strata + Hadoop World in New York, Pentaho and Cloudera had been working together closely for a number of weeks prior to the announcement, to make sure the two products worked together in an optimal fashion.

Mobile BI content creation
Pentaho is today also announcing the release of its Pentaho Mobile.  The product, while HTML 5-based, is nonetheless touch-optimized and designed to be right at home on the iPad.  Unlike many mobile BI applications, it is designed for both interactive, ad hoc analysis work as well as for presentation and consumption of prior analyses.


4.8 Screenshots for Mobile BI Page (1)Pentaho Mobile, optimized for iPad


Big Data News Season
Pentaho's news comes just two weeks after the week of numerous industry announcements emanating from the Strata + Hadoop World show, and is being made the same week that the Tableau Customer Conference (TCC) is taking place in San Diego.  I'm on-site at TCC and should have news from that event soon.


Topic: Big Data

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