Phablets, 2-in-1 devices to show most growth over five years

Phablets, 2-in-1 devices to show most growth over five years

Summary: IDC is calling for a phablet fiesta in the years ahead with a five-year compound annual growth rate of 60 percent.


Phablets — smartphones and tablet hybrids like the Galaxy Note — are expected to show the most compounded annual growth over the next five years followed by 2-in-1 laptop/tablet hybrids, according to IDC.

Through 2018, phablets, which have screens between 5.5 and 7 inches, are supposed to have a 60 percent compound annual growth rate followed by tablet/PC hybrids with a 6.8 percent rate.

In terms of market share, phablets will have 24.4 percent of connected devices followed by smartphones at 51.2 percent, tablet/PC hybrids at 12.5 percent.


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Overall, IDC is projecting phablet units will hit 175 million units in 2014 compared to 170 million laptops. In 2015, phablet volumes will be 318 million, compared to 233 million tablets.

IDC said Apple's entry into the phablet market with its upsized iPhone will drive growth. Phablets are expected to cost between $397 in 2014.



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  • going to be getting me one of those phablet devices

    Either a Note 4 or a Note Edge. Unless something crops up as being a problem with the Edge it will probably be an Edge.
  • Five year predictions aren't worth the paper they're printed on, and

    even one year predictions aren't worth much in an industry which changes so fast.

    But, IDC and other "analysts" need to make a living, and creating worthless reports that get quoted often is a way to create jobs out of thin air.
  • I have a Note 2, so . . .

    . . . I will probably go for a Note 5 or 6, my Note 2 is great, the size does not matter (I don't look at myself when using it as a phone, and don't care what onlookers think about it anyway. My device is a sim-free model because of my international travel, so I am not bound by any service provider where I am at present.

    For me it's all about the PEN, I'm not really interested in viewing films or video clips a lot of the time (I have a Note 8 and a Lenovo notebook for that). Steve Jobs missed a trick when he let it be known that he would never allow pen input.

    And since I updated my OneNote for Android last month for handwriting, I now have access to OneNote across all my devices. No more paper notepads, just a Molskine pocket notebook for the occasional need to hand over a piece of paper.

    Phablets are not the biggest handsets yet, look back 20 - 25 years for those.

    I would be careful about getting the Edge until one knows how the case manufacturers will handle the said 'edge'
    AN O'Nymous