Photo gallery: Googleplex in Sydney

Photo gallery: Googleplex in Sydney

Summary: Search giant takes you behind the scenes at its Sydney office.


Google Australia opened its doors to the media today in Sydney.

We kickoff this image gallery with a peek at Google's kitchen.

Googleplex in Sydney

Credit: Renai LeMay, ZDNet Australia

Topics: Google, Browser, Government, Government AU

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  • WOW

    How incredibly boring. I reckon the folks at KPMG have more fun in their office.
  • You must be kidding.

    KPMG has more fun than people at Google? Do they get free smarties, bikkies and stuff at KPMG? I don't think so...
  • No frisbee

    I guarantee there is no frisbee playing at KPMG.
  • Ha

    There certainly wasn't frisbee at KPMG when I worked there.
  • Googleplex

    Interesting to see the kind of working conditions that new companies provide. Would have liked to have seen more photos showing the staff at work.
  • Where are the computers ????

    Why publish lots of pictures of snack machines and business offices. I would have loved to see racks of servers and some insight into the technical side of the place such as what actually processes Google queries. This spread was more like a real estate spread.
  • anoying

    Could ZDnet waste a little more bandwidth and my time by making the whole page reload every time I switch pics. There's plenty of solutions out there, fix it!
  • MetroSexual Offices

    It's about time
  • *Sob* *Sob*

    This reminds me of the good ol' days working at PeopleSoft in the late nineties... pool tables, unlimited soft drinks, relaxed working environment, tele-brainstorming with the brightest heads in the industry, US business trips, ahhh... brings back pangs of nostalgia.

    Google employees... enjoy this moment in time! 10 years from now... it'll all be about making quarterly sales/earnings targets, headcount freezes and discretionary budget cuts!

    *Sob* *Sob*
  • Google rules, MSN bites

    Its a dream ..*sigh* Google treats their employees like humans! I worked for MSN for almost 3 years and I couldnt even go to the bathroom longer than 3 minutes or my pay was docked for every minute over. I had 10 mins for a whole shift to do any personal business. They actually had people assigned to sign you out so you wouldnt accumulate paid time. No such thing as free drinks, food, relaxing atmosphere, comfortable seating and there was no playful attitudes welcomed. I felt like a rat stuck on a sinking ship everyday and the stress of the pressure they put on you made me physically ill and I had to take a leave of absence and never came back.
    Way to go Google! Wish I could work for YOU! :)
  • so what

    we all know what a computer looks like. i thought it was awesome to see the cafeteria of this place!
  • Incredible!

    How do you 2 cope in today's world? With the comedic accuracy of Who Flung Dung & the intellectual genius of the reflection of a rock I'm sure you both have inspiring jobs of great satisfaction.

    Go do it instead of boring the rest of us.
  • photos

    Excellent; wonderful
  • When does this pple work ?

    They seem to play all day !
  • HAHA!

    Accounting Firms will never have the coolness factor of Google :-)
  • awesome!

    out of site!
  • one day one day

    I cann't really see any high-tech or cutting edge from there. I can only see some guys stay in the office and waste all the money and time.
    But have to say goodle US is freaking good in the creation. Google earth is product which will have the strong presentation in the next 3-5 years. how awesome is it ?
  • Google Sydney-more than what you see here

    FYI - You may not see any high-tech goings-on in these pictures, but please give credit where credit is due - Google Earth was actually developed by a team in AUSTRALIA!
  • wheres the funk?

    well i have to say my work space is way cooler we eat shared homemade and we enjoy not smarties but organic snacks and we are open to the public so we are not a "fishtank" more like the ocean. i would die in such a bland desert only thing cool is that its connected to google which i love dearly so lets hope it gets a bit funky as it settles you need funk to keep the magic going. one more thing wheres the music i'd be interested to hear what sounds you listen to good luck in all to aim for!
  • googleplex

    People work better when they are comfortable and happy. A strike of genius i say!
    I wish i could work there!