Photo gallery: Installing Windows Vista

Photo gallery: Installing Windows Vista

Summary: The long, long road to installing Windows Vista ... from 3GB DVD.


Topics: Windows, Government, Microsoft, Tech Industry

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  • Swicht to Linux!

    the best word of advise I can give you.
    thats your only choice for a solid and stable operating system.. God knows what MR. Gates has come out with in this new version of windows
  • agreed

    There are viruses out for Vista already!

    It's just more of the same. In a year or two Gates will be touting *next windows version* as the "most secure" and 'full featured" they've ever made.

    Vista is just a few more bells and whistles bolted on top of XP (2k)..
  • badmouthing the product

    Well, gradual development is how software is developed in the real world. Evolution.
    Windows XP pro and server2003 (those are the ones I have most experience with) are perfectly fine operating systems, although I much prefer the GNU/Linux way of installing software (through repositories etc.). Just remember that the product is a dead thing, made of bits, literally. It is the people the manage the company that have behaved badly in the past. If microsoft suddenly disapeared of the face of the earth today, then windows wouldn't stop being a decent OS, especially since the people that own it would be gone. So just remember to blame the people, not the product.
  • blame the people?

    So next time I get a BSOD, I should blame someone and not the product itself?
    <guess that's Microsoft>
    When I have trouble in Linux, I blame myself and most of the time I'm right
    <but maybe that's just me?>
  • gradual development...

    gradual development shouldn't take the entire life of the product. I understand it's a marketing scheme. release a product before it's fully done so you can make money on updates, but come on! release after release is the same story. Ooh, nice new featres, with nice new security holes. it's a catch-22 for MS. They can fix all the holes, and release something that's 'boring and old' or bring out something that's 'hip and new' and leave it full of holes. Give in to Open Source...embrace it.
  • Vista

    If you not in a good condition to buy Windows Vista, dont...
    Instead Use any GNU/Linux.

    Do NOT copy from your friend's disk
  • Vista

    Nice and bland, like oatmeal without cinammon. Very cute
  • Aero Glass sounds like Looking Glass

    windows is the copy master of the best software productos for example, C# is copy of the Java Language, .Net of the J2EE, and now windows vista, copy the the installation process of linux and the Glass interface of the project Looking Glass...
    the lack of investigation and imagination!!!
  • Do a little research dude

    "C# is copy of the Java Language, .Net of the J2EE"


    C# is a combination of the best parts of Java, C++ & VB, with all of the worst parts stripped away or dramatically improved. J# is a copy of Java and intentionally so.

    .Net has a far greater scope than J2EE and it's not really reasonable to compare the two.

    I'm not going to complain when somebody makes my coding life far easier; Java is currently behind the 8 ball in this respect, but no doubt Sun will eventually bring it up to speed, probably with a faster tun around than Microsoft.

    So far as Vista's concerned, wouldn't it be best to wait for the final product before you go picking holes in it? Do you think all the different Linux front ends were original concepts, or were they copied and improved versions of other OS's?
    Surely if there's any such thing as a perfect GUI, everything will end up looking the same won't it?
  • Wow, that was incredibly dull

    ugly. I'm really glad that everything still looks like DOS. Very impressive.
  • hey

    Nice site, looks great<A HREF=""><h6>.</h6></A>
  • windows is a copy cat

    look now windows have coppied the installition prosses so it can get faster MR.Gates canot even imagian how to install and how far would they copy linix and take all the credit and be sooo popular while linix gets no where and it is the best and did u see the new project looking glass it is amazing so tell ur friends to switch to java or linx.
  • Problem activating Vista

    After the 20th photo of installing Vista on your site, on my PC a dialog box cam to activate pc by entering a key.