Photo story: Asus launches a leather-bound laptop

Photo story: Asus launches a leather-bound laptop

Summary: The latest range of dual-core laptops from Asus come in carbon fibre, aluminium, and leather. Or you could choose a computer inspired by Lamborghini

TOPICS: Hardware

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  • The W1Jc carbon-fibre laptop was built "out of the same materials as a Formula 1 car to reflect its power", according to Shawn Chang, product manager of Asus UK. Pricing was not available.

  • The W6 series is bound in leather. "Touching is the guiding theme of Asus products this year," said Markus Wierzoch, design manager at Asus. "Our design philosophy is centred around the user." The W6 will be available in "camel", "crocodile", "pastel", and leather, costing between £1,599 and £1,799 including VAT.

  • The S6 notebook will be available in pink, as well as other colours. "People in the UK seem to like pink," said Wierzoch. Pricing was not available.

Topic: Hardware

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  • do u know how to get asus lombhorgini notebook ?