Photos: 4G cars, Androids and dancers at MWC 2010

Photos: 4G cars, Androids and dancers at MWC 2010

Summary: This year's Mobile World Congress had a lot to offer, from innovative user interfaces and hardware to a 4G-connected car

TOPICS: MWC, Networking

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  • This year's Mobile World Congress had a lot to offer, from the latest handsets to 4G-connected cars.

    The biggest hitter at the show was clearly Android. With neither Nokia nor Apple having a presence at the show itself, the field was clear for a plethora of Google-OS'd handsets and services.

    One of the most unusual Android devices to be shown was Sony Ericsson's X10 Mini Pro (pictured above) — a very small handset with a Qwerty keypad. The phone is so small for a touchscreen device — its screen measures 2.55 inches diagonally — that Sony Ericsson had to create a specially modified version of Android, based on icons in the corners, that would allow for one-handed operation.

    Despite the petite dimensions of the keyboard, ZDNet UK found it to be surprisingly usable.

  • This picture shows the Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro being held next to its marginally older sibling, the comparatively hefty X10. Given its size and keyboard, the Mini Pro lives up to its name.

  • There was no shortage of Android phone launches at Mobile World Congress, most of them far more standard than Sony Ericsson's tiny implementation of the Google OS.

    Motorola's Quench is a prime example. The latest of eight Android phones launched by Motorola over the past six months, it supports Flash Lite and multitouch.

    The handset also has interchangeable covers, perhaps in a bid for the youth market.

Topics: MWC, Networking

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