Photos: A look inside France Telecom's Boston R&D labs

Photos: A look inside France Telecom's Boston R&D labs

Summary: IP conferencing, Widgets for mobiles and WLAN-to-GSM roaming

TOPICS: Mobility

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  • During the teleconference, we speak with Equant employees in Chile, France and London. The man shown in the large, centre section of the screen is calling from a softphone on his laptop, and is connected to the VPN from a Wi-Fi network in a Paris airport. The sound quality and frame rate were pretty impressive.

  • This screenshot shows how the Business Everywhere software prioritises data traffic based on what's needed to ensure high-quality communications. The red line is voice data, the blue line a file and the green line is video.

  • France Telecom is keen to expand the types of services offered on its Orange-branded mobiles. To this end, the Boston R&D lab worked with the Mozilla Foundation to create an open-source mobile browser called Minimo, which runs on any Windows CE-based device and is still in alpha.

    The lab is now developing a 'Widgets for mobiles' scheme - much like the Widgets for the Mac OS - whereby third-party developers can easily create simple applications such as currency converters or world clocks for mobile devices.

    Here Brenda Belleville, director of marketing for Equant North America, shows off a widget which allows for the easy tracking of packages online from a Minimo-powered device.

Topic: Mobility

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