Photos: Accenture pushes the interactive wall

Photos: Accenture pushes the interactive wall

Summary: A high-tech, touch-sensitive 'wall' which can be put to military, consumer, or business use has been developed at Accenture's research and development facility near Nice

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  • The display could be used to allow consumers to access film information. More than one user can interact with the technology at once. Touching the screen could bring up cinema listings and film clips.

  • This technology was trialled at the Virgin Store in New York's Union Square, for three months. The window of the shop was made interactive, the goal being to draw shoppers into the store by displaying Virgin's wares.

    "It's a good way to turn some advertising into display, and encourage interaction," said Mike Redding, director of development for Accenture. "You can start measuring the level of engagement of the crowd."

  • Accenture has also investigated military command and control scenarios. "Imagine immersing people in this information," said Robert Hasson, business development leader for communications at Accenture. Commanders can manipulate terrain information and monitor real-time troop movements. "You have to have integration on the back-end of your data sources, but you'd need good data sources and intelligence gathering to create a proper command centre application," Hasson added.

    Accenture has "shown this technology to the military in the US, and they're interested. However, it is just a conversation at this point," Hasson told ZDNet UK. Officers could overlay strategy and projected troop movements, and use that as a basis for commands.

Topic: Emerging Tech

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