Photos: Android, high-tech Heathrow, the future of shopping

Photos: Android, high-tech Heathrow, the future of shopping

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TOPICS: Mobility

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  • One of the more unusual stories in February was about a mobile phone network for the moon. Nasa and the British National Space Centre intend to test a system to serve a lunar base planned for 2020.

    Check out how the lunar network might work when it gets under way in 2012.

    Photo credit: BAE Systems

  • It seems wi-fi is getting ever more omnipresent with Manchester indoor ski slope, Chill Factore, installing a free wireless network across its ski village.

    This ice-covered device is one of the five wi-fi mesh access points that support the network. See more pics here.

    Photo credit: Chill Factore

  • Nokia announced its 6210 Navigator phone at Mobile World Congress which features Maps 2.0 which essentially makes is a sat-nav for the pedestrian.

    Here's the phone in action on one of walking tours around Barcelona that Nokia arranged to show off the device.

    Find out how well it worked here.

    Photo credit: Marguerite Reardon/CNET

Topic: Mobility

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