Photos: Around CeBIT

Photos: Around CeBIT

Summary: CeBIT: ZDNet UK's team managed to capture some of the weird and occasionally wonderful CeBIT experience - including one shot of 224 Cell dies still on the wafer

TOPICS: IT Employment

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  • Intel's recent interest in the healthcare business was also evident on its stand.

  • We're not sure how the Hannover Messe groundsman mows these grass-covered cones...

    For full coverage of CeBIT 2006 as it happens,
    see ZDNet UK's CeBIT 2006 toolkit.

Topic: IT Employment


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  • Samsung have been very vocal at CeBIT 2006, with their 10 megapixel cameraphone, but Sony Ericsson have been more muted. That's not stopped this amazing new Sony Ericsson concept phone being leaked, though, far away from the buzz of CeBIT: