Photos: Aussie research speeds traffic, finds crims

Photos: Aussie research speeds traffic, finds crims

Summary: At NICTA's recent Techfest conference, researchers from National ICT Australia (NICTA) get to show off the projects they have been working on all year, including facial recognition tech designed to help catch criminals as well as better algorithms and sensors for traffic control.


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  • Research leader Professor Brian Lovell was keen to show off his facial recognition software, currently being trialled at a Brisbane railway station. Lovell has just been recognised (right) by the camera under the screen, which will identify him even if he turns his head up to 60 degrees.

    The system that his team is developing focuses on CCTV applications, said Lovell, where challenges typically include using lower-quality images with poor lighting and need completely different algorithms to conventional facial recognition systems, which work on passport quality photos.

    "You and I can recognise people from CCTVs but the system can't," he said.

    The system his team has developed will identify a person 95 percent of the time in the laboratory.

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