Photos: Ealing Studios gets broadband virtual tour

Photos: Ealing Studios gets broadband virtual tour

Summary: Passport to Pimlico goes broadband

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  • Ross told "I'm hoping that when people access the site and go a little deeper than Passport to Pimlico they will look at other movies that don't get the showing on TV that they deserve - and find a neglected chapter of British cinema that deserves to live again."

    Ealing represents a golden age of British cinema which could be gone forever. Ross warned it was "shocking" how little support UK film got from the government. "If it wasn't for the Bond movies and Harry Potter we'd be dead on our feet," he said.

    Photo credit: BT

  • Mark Duguid, content editor of the BFI's screenonline website, said: "This is a project that is made possible because of broadband.

    "This is an attempt to help people understand what Ealing was about. It's a very resonant name - Ealing and comedy seem to go together - but there's a lot more to Ealing than that. The war films are particularly interesting," he said. The interactive guide was developed by the BFI and its broadband provider BT.

    Photo credit: BT

Topic: Networking

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