Photos: Five unusual data centres

Photos: Five unusual data centres

Summary: Hydrogen-fuelled, underground and bundled in a shipping container…

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  • Hydrogen-fuelled, underground and bundled in a shipping container…

    Data centres are big business, and as well as the usual anonymous buildings on the edge of town has visited some more unusual locations as the industry develops new ways of coping with demand.

    For example, managed services provider Centrinet has what it claims is the UK's first data centre with zero carbon emissions.

    The data centre was built 100 metres underground in a former RAF radar station in the Lincolnshire countryside. Pictured is the view down into the so-called Smartbunker.

    The zero-carbon claim refers to energy - all the power the data centre uses comes from UK-based wind farms. Click to see the more of the zero-carbon subterranean centre.

    Photo credit: Gemma Simpson

  • This ex-Ministry of Defence nuclear bunker is now used for data backup and disaster recovery by the financial industry.

    The bunker's exact location has all been kept very hush-hush but is based somewhere in Kent and is surrounded by tight security.

    Find out more about the financial services industry's secret bunker from the full photo story.

    Photo credit: Dan Ilett

Topic: Hardware

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