Photos: Five unusual data centres

Photos: Five unusual data centres

Summary: Hydrogen-fuelled, underground and bundled in a shipping container…

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  • Sun has literally jumped on the greener data centre bandwagon with their centre in a shipping container.

    Sun claims the 'Blackbox' virtualised data centre is greener and cheaper than an average set-up, with 20 per cent more energy efficiency than a traditional air-con cooled centre and only costing around €500,000.

    The 20ft by 8ft shipping container (pictured) weighs 9,000kg and can provide 1.5 million gigabytes of disk storage and hold up to 250 Sun Fire CoolThreads T1000 servers.

    Click to see more of Sun's Blackbox. But, as Quocirca's Dennis Szubert asked in a recent column, does anyone need a data centre in a box?

    Photo credit: Gemma Simpson

  • IT consultancy Comtec Enterprises has come up with the novel idea of using hydrogen fuel cells – developed by APC - as a back-up power supply for its green data centre.

    A fuel cell converts chemical energy to electrical and thermal energy. The cells are supplied with hydrogen from stored and pressurised bottles via the pictured tubes. These pipes also extract water produced by the cells.

    The mixture of hydrogen and oxygen from the air churns out the electrical energy needed to power the servers with three 10kW cells able to be installed in a single rack.

    Photo credit: Tim Ferguson

Topic: Hardware

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