Photos from the frontline: AusCERT 2010

Photos from the frontline: AusCERT 2010

Summary: At AusCERT 2010 this week, speakers waxed lyrical on security, talking about everything from cybercriminals purchasing BMWs to the age of Cybergeddon.

TOPICS: Security

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  • (Credit: Munir Kotadia/ZDNet Australia)

    Marcus said Americans are the "bad-asses" of cyber warfare because of organisations like the SANS (SysAdmin, Audit, Network, Security) institute, which teaches people "how to be a cyber-warrior". He also called the DEFCON conference "a combination of performance art plus computer security".

  • (Credit: Munir Kotadia/ZDNet Australia)

    Ranum theorised that after realising that the US has so many companies "devoted to producing cyber-offensive weapons" and was "constantly promoting and training hackers", the Chinese Army commanders recognised "they had a cyber-war gap and started a catch-up program".

  • (Credit: Munir Kotadia/ZDNet Australia)

    Ranum pointed out that in Iran, "when the government stole the election", US officials "were encouraging Twitter to stay online to help ferment rebellion in Iran". The Iranian Government arrested people for distributing US anti-censorship software, which Ranum said was likely Tor, PGP or "something else that came from a US research lab".

Topic: Security

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