Photos: Highwaymen stop holdups

Photos: Highwaymen stop holdups

Summary: Men in yellow help boys in blue...

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  • The Highway's Agency says it is not taking on crime fighting aspects of police work. But just like any other citizen, they can report dangerous driving. And it's no accident that this sign looks authoritative.

  • Once we're travelling, I notice that no one is overtaking us. Dominic says this is what the police call "compliance" - and because we're in what seems to be a police car, drivers are afraid to pass and break the speed limit.

  • Back at HQ, Sarah can track us all the way down the motorway and act as our eyes, in case of any danger. This accident here, which I was not present for, is exactly the kind of work Nicky, Dominic and Sarah have to manage every day.

Topic: Tech Industry

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