Photos: HP wants your media

Photos: HP wants your media

Summary: Unveiled at its Print 2.0 event in New York earlier this month, Hewlett-Packard's imaging and printing group showcased a range of new hardware and software products and services designed to manage media for business and consumers.


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  • Burton Snowboards founder Jake Burton was one of three "Web achievers" HP showcased at the event. Burton gives tips to small- to medium-sized businesses on corporate branding, identity and business via a micro-site

    SMBs also have free access to templates and advice from graphic arts designer Paula Scher. Scher is responsible for creating the Citibank and Tiffany logos, among others.

    Credit: Luke Anderson/ZDNet Australia

  • A third achiever, pop artist Gwen Stefani, has partnered with HP for her Sweet Escape tour. For US$29.99 (currently only available in the US), fans can create a tour scrapbook by blending stock images and designs from Stefani and adding their own photos from the tour.

    Credit: Luke Anderson/ZDNet Australia

  • NextDayTV is a new service is being trialled by HP in the US to provide DVDs of TV shows in retail stores within 48 hours of being aired.

    While it may not replace TV and the Internet as preferred distribution platforms, it might save a few relationships for those who keep forgetting to tape last night's sports game or TV show for their partner.

    Credit: Luke Anderson/ZDNet Australia

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