Photos: IBM's new Power6

Photos: IBM's new Power6

Summary: IBM launched its Power6 processor and servers and set out the challenge for the competition to catch up

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  • IBM is aiming to break all records with Monday's launch of Power6, the latest iteration of its Power architecture.

    Shown here are the System p570 servers being prepared for delivery at IBM's plant in Rochester, Minnesota. The new systems promise impressive performance, with IBM claiming benchmark victory over rivals such as Sun and HP.

    According to IBM's claims, Power6 systems use the same amount of electricity as Power5, the previous generation, while producing 50 percent more performance.

    They come in chunky, substantial looking units with none of the cut-down modesty so favoured by some other companies.

  • The Power6 chip has 790 million transistors — IBM says. We haven't counted — on one piece of silicon. It is a 64-bit dual-core processor running at up to 4.7GHz with 8MB of on-chip Level 2 cache and a memory bus that can reconfigure itself to save power at low loads.

Topic: Processors


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