Photos: If smartphones were cars, what would yours be?

Photos: If smartphones were cars, what would yours be?

Summary: Why an iPhone is like a Porsche and the Nokia N97 is more like a Range Rover

TOPICS: Mobility

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  • Nokia E72 - BMW 3-series

    This is a smaller phone than the N97 but it still packs a lot of the smartphone features, along with a much better battery life. It's essentially a good quality business phone that won't cost the earth to buy.

    The car equivalent? The BMW 3-series, which is great to drive, well-built and features the fuel efficient engines BMW is now renowned for.

    Image credit: CBS Interactive

  • Palm Pre Plus - Alfa Romeo 159

    Palm's Pre Plus is a pretty smartphone with a slide-out keyboard which runs Palm's own WebOS operating system rather than the more widely-used Android, iPhone OS or Symbian. However the Pre is a solid device that would suit the enterprise user.

    Alfa Romeo's 159 is from a similar mould. The Italian car maker's mid-size saloon is outsold by rivals from Audi, BMW and Mercedes but the people that go for the 159 are attracted by its good looks which are distinctive compared to its more mainstream rivals.

    Image credit: CBS Interactive

  • Palm Pixi Plus - Alfa Romeo Mito

    The Palm Pixi Plus is a cheaper and slimmed-down version of the Pre so the Alfa Romeo Mito is its logical equivalent in the car world. Small and pretty but a more stylish alternative to its rivals.

    Image credit: CBS Interactive

Topic: Mobility

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