Photos: Inside Dell's Irish build-to-order factory

Photos: Inside Dell's Irish build-to-order factory

Summary: From parts to PC in four hours flat...

TOPICS: Hardware

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  • After the quality control check, both the hardware and software are tested rigorously for performance and compatibility issues.

    Here you can see a batch of laptops being put through the paces. This is the most time-consuming part of the manufacturing process, lasting around 80 minutes.

    The monitors on top of the cabinets show the factory workers how far along each system is in the tests, and if any problems have been detected.

    Photo: Sylvia Carr

  • Should a system fail any of the tests, it's brought to this station for further examination and repair.

    Photo: Sylvia Carr

  • Once the laptop, desktop or server passes the performance tests, it's back on the conveyors to be boxed up. It's nearly ready to head out the door but first the relevant documentation is added in. The factory workers scan the system's label to find out which documentation to put in which box.

    Photo: Sylvia Carr

Topic: Hardware

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