Photos: Inside Dell's Irish build-to-order factory

Photos: Inside Dell's Irish build-to-order factory

Summary: From parts to PC in four hours flat...

TOPICS: Hardware

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  • Now it's back on the conveyor for the finished laptop. Next stop: labelling...

    Photo: Sylvia Carr

  • At this station all the appropriate labels are pasted on the laptop for the various hardware and software it contains. Again, a computer prompts the factory worker on what's inside the laptop and thus which stickers it needs.

    Photo: Sylvia Carr

  • The next stage is the initial quality control check. The factory worker examines the laptop for any visible flaws or defects, and makes sure it has all the appropriate labels.

    If any problems are detected, the system is sent back up the line to its 'owner' for repair.

    Photo: Sylvia Carr

Topic: Hardware

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