Photos: Inside Google+ - how to use Circles, Hangouts, Sparks and more

Photos: Inside Google+ - how to use Circles, Hangouts, Sparks and more

Summary: Take a tour of the Google+ private beta - Mark Zuckerberg already has...


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  • Google+ Feedback

    Here's a reminder that Google+ is still in beta: the Feedback feature allows users to send Google a bug report when something malfunctions by highlighting the problem and then censoring any bits of data they don't want to send to Google. It's a nice privacy-aware touch - even if Google's servers are already storing all that data anyway.

    Image: Google/Natasha Lomas/

  • Google+ data liberation

    Google is likely to be hoping Data Liberation is another differentiator of its social network vs Facebook, as Google+ is offering users the ability to easily pick up their data and leave from the get-go.

    Image: Google/Natasha Lomas/

  • Google+ Mark Zuckerberg

    And talking of Facebook, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has scored himself a +1 to the Google party - presumably so he can kick the tyres of his latest social rival.

    Image: Google/Natasha Lomas/

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