Photos: Inside Moscow's Kaspersky Labs

Photos: Inside Moscow's Kaspersky Labs

Summary: Antivirus firm at the heart of Russia...

TOPICS: Security

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  • Antivirus firm at the heart of Russia...

    St Basil's Cathedral is an image which is unmistakably Russian. But not all associations are so attractive to day trippers and overseas visitors.

    Unfortunately among the other things Russia has become closely associated with in recent years is cyber crime - the writing of malicious code, predominantly for financial gain.

    Despite this, the city is also home to a fast growing force in the IT security market. recently travelled to the Russian capital to visit the offices of Kaspersky Labs.

    Photo: Will Sturgeon

  • On the outskirts of Moscow, Kaspersky Labs occupies four floors of an office which was once the headquarters for the development of Soviet nuclear missile guidance systems. Despite that it looks like any one of a hundred such 1960s tower blocks around the city.

    Usually the drive from the centre of Moscow takes considerably longer but almost unprecedented temperatures in the capital of around -35°c mean the roads are empty as many cars have stopped working and people are staying indoors.

    Photo: Will Sturgeon

  • That's 'Kaspersky' to you and me but in Moscow, where the company was founded in 1997, the sign on the front door takes its Cyrillic form.

    Photo: Will Sturgeon

Topic: Security

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