Photos: Inside Moscow's Kaspersky Labs

Photos: Inside Moscow's Kaspersky Labs

Summary: Antivirus firm at the heart of Russia...

TOPICS: Security

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  • One analyst looks on as the other attempts to unpack malicious code and create a virus definition against the clock. The analysts receive hundreds of samples of malicious code each day and their work will most likely never be done.

    Two teams work around the clock in 12-hour shifts. Their industriousness is mirrored at sites around the world.

    Photo: Will Sturgeon

  • Malicious code scrolls down the screen as the race to create a virus definition continues. In this instance the work is done well within 15 minutes, though the achievement is tempered by the fact it wasn't new code to Kaspersky but rather an example they already had in the database.

    However, the time is typical of what is achieved, according to a spokesman.

    Photo: Will Sturgeon

Topic: Security

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