Photos: Inside Nokia's R&D labs - a look at the future of mobile?

Photos: Inside Nokia's R&D labs - a look at the future of mobile?

Summary: From bendy phones to indoor navigation...

TOPICS: Mobility

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  • Nokia R&D

    From bendy phones to indoor navigation...

    Since its founding in 1986, the Nokia Research Center (NRC) has been charged with developing mobile technology through the exploration science.

    The centre recently celebrated its 25th anniversary and staged events around the world to commemorate the milestone.'s sister site CNET got to take part in the US celebration at Nokia's Sunnyvale, California, headquarters by checking out some of its latest devices, which are crying out to be touched, bent, or twisted.

    Photo: James Martin/CNET

  • Nokia R&D

    At Nokia World 2011 in October, the Finnish handset manufacturer's big reveal was its Windows Phone-based Lumia 800.

    But there was another device at the show that grabbed a lot of attention - the Nokia Kinetic Device. Using a system of carbon nanotubes and a flexible elastomer, the concept gadget features a flexible display that you bend and twist to navigate through menus and perform tasks.

    Photo: James Martin/CNET

Topic: Mobility

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