Photos: Inside Ricoh's 'Green Centre'

Photos: Inside Ricoh's 'Green Centre'

Summary: Doing it for the kids and the planet... and the bottom line...

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  • Before being stripped of reusable components all units are weighed. Ricoh currently reclaims 85 per cent of the weight of a unit to be reused or recycled - which is 10 per cent higher than EU guidelines.

    Photo: Will Sturgeon

  • As well as components such as circuit boards and drums, toner cartridges are also salvaged. Toner, although now far from hazardous, is a perennial headache for companies looking to be thorough in their approach to recycling.

    The cost of disposing of toner is £1,000 per tonne, according to Wagland. This compares with £45 per tonne for metal.

    Among the uses cited by Ricoh for the disposal of toner includes use in tarmac and also garden furniture.

    Toner bottles are also collected and recycled. The reuse of toner which is returned in part-filled bottles has reduced toner supply costs by £5,000 to £10,000 according to Wagland, which all goes toward the profit and loss of the Green Centre.

    Photo: Will Sturgeon

  • Components such as power leads and looms are also salvaged to be used again if they are fit for purpose. Large cardboard boxes, once used for shipping new machines, now act as repositories for these parts.

    Photo: Will Sturgeon

Topic: Tech Industry

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