Photos: Inside SAP's cloud app store

Photos: Inside SAP's cloud app store

Summary: Pictures of the SAP Store for Business ByDesign...


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  • Pictures of the SAP Store for Business ByDesign...

    This is the storefront for a beta version of SAP's app store for its software-as-a-service ERP offering Business ByDesign.

    The SAP Store will provide a marketplace where apps and other add-ons can be purchased to enhance the functionality of Business ByDesign services.

    SAP describes the store as a place where users of Business ByDesign can find new "applications, mash-ups, new forms, reports and add-ons" for the service.

    In the beta store, the different add-ons are grouped by industry, internal business area and solution type.

    Add-ons that are popular with other Business ByDesign users or have been sponsored to appear on the front page are also shown.

    The store also allows users to search by keyword for a specific type of add-on.

    The SAP Store is expected to launch in mid-2011.

    Business ByDesign users will be able to access the SAP store from the SAP Business ByDesign user interface, from the SAP Business ByDesign Business Center or through a web browser.

    Image: SAP

  • In the beta store, the user is able to refine search results using filters such as vendor and price.

    Clicking on an add-on takes the user through to a page outlining that add-on's features.

    The beta version of the store has about 50 apps available. Apps for the store are being built by SAP and partner companies using the software development kit for Business ByDesign, which was rolled out in February.

    Image: SAP

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