Photos: Inside the Free Software Foundation

Photos: Inside the Free Software Foundation

Summary: We took a trip to Massachusetts to see the headquarters of the free software movement


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  • Peter Brown, the executive director of the Free Software Foundation, in his office at the organisation's headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. On the walls of his office are copies of the Free Software Foundation's artwork, including the famous GNU head, which was designed by Etienne Suvasa.

  • The front cover of the final issue of Sinclair Programs magazine, which was published in September 1985. This magazine included listings of computer programs which users could run by typing the appropriate code into their ZX-80 or ZX-81.

    Peter Brown managed to get a program published in this issue of the magazine, and was gutted when he found out it was being scrapped and that he could no longer share his code with others. Although he did not start working with the Free Software Foundation for another 15 years, this was the first time he became aware of his freedom being restricted.

    "Looking back at it now, overnight my world was destroyed, because the listing magazine was destroyed. It just became about playing code, rather than writing code," he said. "That was the last time I ever did any programming."

    The above image and PDFs were provided by Peter Brown.

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