Photos: iPad accessories, Android apps for business and Sony's S1 and S2 tablets

Photos: iPad accessories, Android apps for business and Sony's S1 and S2 tablets

Summary: Photos of the month - July 2011


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  • International iPlayer iPad app genre menu

    If you're an iPad user and outside the UK, July brought some good news for you: BBC Worldwide announced the launch of an international iPlayer app for the Apple tablet.

    The app will initially be available in 11 Western European countries and includes current and archive BBC programming divided into eight genres as shown on the menu above.

    To find out what else iPlayer has in store for iPad users outside the UK, see BBC iPlayer iPad app goes international.

    Image: BBC

  • OtterBox PlayBook Defender Case

    For those who've made the BlackBerry PlayBook their tablet of choice, last month picked out the top 10 accessories for the RIM slate.

    The round-up featured the OtterBox PlayBook Defender Case, a rugged case for the tablet, made with a high-impact polycarbonate shell and a silicone skin with a clear membrane protecting the camera and screen.

    The case provides robust protection for the PlayBook - useful if the device is to be used by multiple people in an office or shop floor environment.

    To see more add-ons for your RIM tablet, check out Top 10 BlackBerry PlayBook accessories for business.

    Photo: Amazon

  • iPad Hut's waterproof iPad case

    For those who prefer their tablet Apple-flavoured, rounded up the top 10 iPad accessories for business users.

    Pictured above is iPad Hut's waterproof iPad case, which becomes 100 per cent waterproof when sealed, ideal for protecting the iPad from knocked over cups of coffee at heated board meetings - or pints during 'off-site meetings'.

    To see which other extras made our list, read Top 10 iPad accessories for business users.

    Photo: iPad Hut

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