Photos: iPhone running Windows XP

Photos: iPhone running Windows XP

Summary: Citrix used its thin client technology to demonstrate an Apple iPhone running Windows XP, at the Citrix Application Delivery Conference in Melbourne recently.


in brief Citrix used its thin client technology to demonstrate an Apple iPhone running Windows XP, at the recent Citrix Application Delivery Conference in Melbourne.

Windows XP, seen below running on the iPhone, was loaded using Citrix's thin client desktop software XenDesktop. Using the Citrix ICA client — a UNIX application that allows devices to access Windows sessions on a Citrix server — the presenter was able to run Windows on the iPhone via Wi-Fi.

Windows XP running on an iPhone
(Credit: David Braue)


The iPhone's "pinch" controls also work, which
makes it relatively easy to zoom in and out of the desktop.

(Credit: David Braue)


The iPhone demo was part of the opening keynote titled Directions in Virtualisation & Application Delivery in the Dynamic Datacentre.

Topics: Apple, iPhone, Microsoft, Operating Systems, Virtualization, Windows


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  • Windows was not running on the iPhone

    According to the self-contradicting article, Windows XP wasn't actually running on the iPhone itself, it was running on the remote Citrix server. the iPhone was just doing a remote display.

    Remote displays have been around for 20+ years, and displaying the screen of one OS on another is no new trick. (X11, VNC, RDP, Citrix, etc.)
  • Windows was not running on the iPhone?!?

    Well guess you could say that of xp on any pc - think bios. In the end the experience will be the same, a common desktop environment with a known set of apps.
    Great move by Citrix to use the Apple press wagon. Why rewrite apps for a restricted iPhone market.
  • Windows was not running on the iPhone

    I don't understand what you mean by 'think bios'

    I know I'm arguing semantics here,but I'd like to think that the media (IT media, no less) would at least get things right. Speaking from a career in PC and embedded software development, the mistakes in this article are basic.

    XP is running on the remote system. The remote processor is executing the computer code that is Windows XP. Any user-interface parts are sent to the remote display - in this case, an iPhone.

    The iPhone is displaying XP. Not running it. No Windows XP code is transferred to, or executed on the iPhone. The only thing running on the iPhone is the Citrix application. It could be just as easily talking to a Sun Solaris box. Oh my! The IPhone is now "running" Sun Solaris!!

    Definitely a clever move by Citrix to get a "XP on iPhone" headline, and free publicity with it.
  • We are talking about David Braue here

    Do you actually expect anything accurate from this guy? We are lucky he was even able to make is seem factual.
  • UNIX?

    Do you know anything about Citrix?

    "Using the Citrix ICA client — a UNIX application that allows devices to access Windows sessions on a Citrix server"

    You really need to do your home work before posting stuff like this.... Citrix actually has an ICA Client for the Mac OS X that seems like they have ported over to the iPhone.
  • VNC for the iPhone does the same thing

    There is a VNC client for the iPhone called vnSea. Same thing, not news.
  • Windows not running on my iPhone

    I've been doing this on my iPhone for months using a VNC server on my phone. It's really pretty easy.
  • Missing the point?

    Gentlemen, I don't think that Citrix or the author was trying to say that Windows would be running on an iPhone. For those in the industry that know of Citrix, they are aware that their technology offering is that of remote display. And although there are many methods and may be other tools that already do this (vnSea for example). This article was commenting on the fact that Citrix has ported their client to the iPhone.
    You can't really argue that this isn't news.
  • Maybe Unix...

    I don't think you can assume from the information here that they're using the Mac client. You may be right, but I wouldn't be surprised if they really did work with the Unix version instead. Either one would have required a little hacking of the iPhone and the Unix client may have been the better choice. The Mac ICA client has always been kind of neglected by Citrix and its functionality and stability have been lacking for years.
  • Bingo

    You hit the nail on the head, Carlos. An ICA client with any kind of standard functionality for the iPhone would be big deal.
  • Windows was not running

    Only a terminal session to the Citrix server, where windows was running was executed.
  • Author = Fail

    OK lets break this down...

    XP is not "running" on the iPhone

    ICA is not a UNIX application it is a protocol developed by Citrix.

    This is not new! There have been RDP, VNC, ICA clients for BB, WM and other mobile devices for a very long time but I guess because Apple does it now it is big news.
  • Yes, author an idiot...

    ...and remote display is as old as the first serial terminals.

    But to the users of remoted and virtualized systems, the display is the application. It's not unreasonable to say windows is 'running' on the iphone, just as windows is 'running' on the video controller in the PC.

    All well-designed systems attempt to isolate data, process, and UI. This is the classic 3 legged stool of 'model-view-controller'. If only Microsoft hadn't botched their OSes so badly, all applications would already look like this.
  • David and Alex - Do your homework.

    This article is completely inaccurate. Get your facts straight . The iPhone was running a client showing a Windows XP desktop, not actually running Windows XP. Citrix ICA Client is a client which can run on multiple platforms to connect to a host server, and is not specifically a Unix application. How long have you been in this industry? Perhaps you should stick with your day job at the restaurant.
  • Not missing the point

    This is newsworthy, BUT...

    The headline suggests a much more shocking accomplishment than what was actually achieved.

    Unless the iPhone is actually executing Windows XP binary, it is not "running" it.

    The author clearly chose a misleading headline that would garner more page views over a less intriguing, but accurate, headline.
  • A complete joke

    You can see the toolbox at the bottom that shows that it's using Safari. It wasn't ported to the iPhone even, it was ported to the web! So not only is it not windows xp running on an iphone(which would be possible after hacking the firmware and using an xp version compiled for arm), it isn't even running a virtual desktop natively on the iPhone. It's running a virtual desktop in a web browser, and just dealing with the quirks of user interface.
  • Windows was not running on the iPhone?!?

    What do you mean by "think bios"?

    Think about this.

    Imagine that you've hooked a computer running xp to a KVM, now the citrix client running on the iphone has the same effect as connecting the iphone to the KVM (without the wires and through the internet/LAN of course)

    That's all it is.

    Think remote desktop on iPhone.
  • Why would want to do this?

    This is an insult to Apple, but on the contrary shows how powerful the iPhone is? Trying running that on your samsung with windows mobile.
  • VNC?

    So basically, they got VNC to work on an iPhone, which was announced last week by the community on digg.

    Old news.
  • Enough with the stupid comments

    These comments are so bad, it's insulting.

    Windows XP is running on an iPhone, we know it's a remote desktop, no one cares.

    Are you trying to impress the world with your knowledge of how Citrix works? GBTW!