Photos: Kindle Touch

Photos: Kindle Touch

Summary: Five months after its US launch, Amazon's touchscreen Kindle is available in the UK. Still no sign of the Kindle Fire, though.


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  • Amazon has finally made its Kindle Touch available in the UK — five months after it went on sale in the US. Amazon's announcement that it became available a week earlier than originally planned is unlikely to impress those who'd have liked the opportunity to buy it sooner.

    Nonetheless, the Kindle Touch is now available to buy, and there are two versions: with Wi-Fi and 3G it costs £169 (inc. VAT), while the Wi-Fi-only model costs £109. This makes it more expensive than the £89 Kindle, while the older keyboard-equipped device sits between the two new Kindle Touch models at £149.

    Photos: Amazon 

  • The touchscreen allows you to press, sweep and pinch in order to interact with your e-book reading. There's just one physical button beneath the screen, which takes you 'home' to the main screen listing all your purchases.

    When reading a book, you tap a large central area to go forward a page, or a smaller area on the left to go back a page. Tapping at the top of the screen calls up a menu. Meanwhile, a sweep up or down takes you forward and back a whole chapter, while pinching gives you access to font sizes. An on-screen keyboard can be tapped when you need to find books or search within them.

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  • I'd love one but I definately wont be buying it until Amazon stop penalising us for being British.
    The wifi only model is $99 if you buy in the US (£61) or £109 if bought here.
    There is no excuse for treating us Brits like the cash cows of the civilised world to be cynically milked at every turn, it's sickening.
    These American multi nationals need to stop being so damned racist and treat us fairly.

    If you need an example of market parity look at the Raspberry Pi pricing model, if they can do it then anyone can.