Photos: London Eye beats the queues with BT

Photos: London Eye beats the queues with BT

Summary: Automated ticketing overhaul for popular tourist attraction


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  • During peak periods the London Eye has to cope with 1,500 visitors per hour while the ticket booths deal with up to 1,000 ticket sales per hour from tourists eager to catch some of these views of London.

    The new chip and PIN (C&P) system for the walk-up ticket booths had to initially be withdrawn because it added too much time to the purchase procedure but London Eye's Harris said that has now been resolved and C&P will be rolled out again soon.

  • The RialtoPlus booking system was built by BT on a Java-based platform using Sun hardware and Oracle databases and fully hosted on a BT network as a managed service.

    Because the system integrates all the sales channels, the London Eye is better able to work with its trade partners in the tourist industry and promote other services such as the Eye river cruise down the Thames.

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