Photos: Microsoft's Surface tablet unveiled

Photos: Microsoft's Surface tablet unveiled

Summary: A hands-on look at Microsoft's new Surface tablet, which comes with either Windows 8 Pro or Windows RT, and features an HD display, a stand and a magnetic keyboard attachment


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  • Surface tablet

    Microsoft made its first foray into tablets on Monday, showing off two versions of its Surface tablet. One version comes loaded with Windows 8 Pro, the other with Windows RT.

    Image credit: Josh Lowensohn/CNET News

  • Windows logo

    The back of the tablet, above, displays a Windows logo on a magnesium case coated using a vapour-deposition process — a finish dubbed 'VaporMg' by Microsoft. The seam at the bottom is the tablet's fold-out stand.

    Image credit: Josh Lowensohn/CNET News

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  • Love it!!
    • I agree...

      That tablet looks amazing.
  • Oh Yeah!

    I want it, NOW!