Photos: Mobiles of the future

Photos: Mobiles of the future

Summary: Say Hello! to the next generation of devices...

TOPICS: Mobility

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  • This device, the Nokia 111, won its designer Dan Meyer an internship with Nokia.

    Based on the conceit of travellers who would keep a locket holding a family picture on their bedside, this device swivels to become a picture frame when it's not being used.

    Its swivelling shape also means it can be placed on a table during video calls to simulate normal eye contact.

    All of the devices and designs are now on show at the Air Gallery in London.

    Photo credit: Jo Best

  • This phone, from student Hannah Nuttall, is made for the blogophile.

    Each device has three possible form factors - two of which can be seen here: the open book and the slider; the third form is the candy bar.

    The pen input and camera are intended to make it easier for inveterate bloggers to make postings while out and about.

    Photo credit: Jo Best

Topic: Mobility

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