Photos: Motorola unveils 2GHz Intel-powered RAZRi

Photos: Motorola unveils 2GHz Intel-powered RAZRi

Summary: Motorola's first Intel-powered Android handset will be making its way to Europe in October for an as-yet undisclosed sum, but can it take on its ARM-based rivals?


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  • Motorola has also created other custom groups of apps designed for quick access to related functions. For example, 'Vehicle Mode' (pictured) groups apps such as Navigation, Maps, Voice Commands and Music on one screen for easy control when on the move.

    You can also add your own apps to the shortlist using the 'other apps' option in the bottom left hand corner.

    Image: Ben Woods

  • Motorola has also added onscreen prompts for its voice commands functionality, such as 'look up', 'call' and 'text'.

    Voice commands can also be used to control the hardware of the device, for example, switching Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on or off.

    Image: Ben Woods

  • The RAZRi also has dedicated hardware controls on the side of the device. 

    Shown above is a dedicated camera shutter button, volume rocker, and power button.

    On a side note, it has been quite a while since I've seen visible screws down the side of a phone.

    On the other side of the handset there is a microSD slot, SIM slot and micro USB port.

    Image: Ben Woods

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  • Wait for me!

    I'll be announcing my own smartphone next February. It will be powered by fluctuations in the Earth's magnetic field; battery life is essentially unlimited and you'll never have to charge it. It has a 5" display squeezed into a package only 4" high, so it fits in your pocket while offering higher resolution than a Kindle Fire. It also has worldwide 5G, a stylus with blinking lights, and a wrist strap so you can drive and talk at the same time.

    Like all new smartphones, the price is a secret. But it's coming in February, so don't buy anything until then.
    Robert Hahn
    • Really? Sounds terrific!

      Where are you going to sell it? I want to be the FIRST in line to get one! Sure hope it is nice & shiny as well.
      • And back to the moto...

        Seems people don't have much to say about companies outside the Apple-Google-Samsung love feast. Which is a shame because that has long turned stale.

        This phone is actually quite exciting; sure it's a pain that they couldn't bring jelly bean to market on time, but it's also quite understandable given the change in architecture. I have no doubt that the two behemoth's of App-Sung will crush it harder than a fruit fly. However there's some good ideas here. Why not try an atom processor? At the end of the day the only thing that matters is battery life vs performance, and frankly we have no idea how well these chips are working in the wild, so it's going to be interesting to watch.

        I'm trying not to get too excited about the open bootloader; at the moment there's nothing sensible to dual boot with, but with firefox and nokia both planning to bring linux based OS, and Linux distros like ubuntu hovering in the wings it could well be the first "open" handset from the open handset mob. Presumably, the open bootloader would support booting from the memory card if they only include 8gb internal (otherwise it's kind of pointless, unless you have very little data) However, the key is "where possible" - read "we already know we can't in X"

        As for the hardware we'll have to wait and see - 8gb is worrying; when you're fitting an 8mp camera, such a small amount of flash only suggests a cost cutting exercise. And let's be honest, we've long reached the point where a 5mp camera with good lenses and sensor blows the pants of a crappy 8mp on the mobile platform.

        For now I'll not hold my breath, but i still have a lot of faith in the old crew - nokia and moto.

        Ah decissions decissions; with new android, ios and windows phones comming so close together, I've never been more on the fence about my next mobile phone. With bug all difference in features advetised, i think this one is going to come down to gut feelings with the devices in my hands... You know unless one of them cottons on to the fact that I'd sooner have more battery life than be one millimeter thinner than last year's model *cough App-Sung cough *
      • News Flash

        Not to harsh your mellow or anything, but Nokia's given up on Linux smartphones and they're winding down SymbianOS, too. Part of their deal with Microsoft... they're getting $250 million per quarter to be Windows Phone Alone.
        • Nearly

          Windows is only for the high ends, symbian is already dead on the high end smart phones (finally); their linux research is for the budget phones that don't meet the requirements of windows mobile.

          My information may be out of date, but as of may that was the state of affairs, and I've not found any news from them to contradict this.
    • Dude

      Apple has totally patented the warping of space-time to fit that 5" screen in a smaller apparent space. Bet it's made of plastic too, you cheap copy-cat! :P
      Han CNX
    • No different from Apple

      Wait for me, we are going to be releasing a 7" tablet that is magical and revolutionary because we can use trademarked terms like "Retina" that no one else can use.

      So don't buy any 7" tablets until we release ours, which will be some time between now and never. If you really want to buy something today, buy the iPad.

      Thank you,
      Apple Marketing Department
      c/o Robert Hahn
      • Toddy

        Again with the FUD and lies. APPLE never announced an 7" tablet. I'm not saying they won't but what I am sayin is that as of this time they have not announced it. Did you hear about it from your fellow Microsoft employees?
        • Of course Apple announced it the way they announce everything

          This is how Apple announces their products, by "leaking" them.

          I've already explained this to you.
        • Why?!

          I'd leave it if i were you, bottom's the biggest troll on the site. And well since zdnet can't delete the annoying spam ad posts, they won't do anything about his rants, so just stop replying to them and he'll get bored. I've seen his posts in at least three threads with nothing to do with apple today.
    • Sounds Great!

      Love your response Robert Hahn! I'll be waiting for it. ;-)
  • Motorola might be hedging its bet with "Intel Inside" this smartphone,

    because, with the Intel cpu, it's likely possible that, it can also get WP8 instead of Android.

    Two for the price of one. But, the RAM needs to be bigger for the duality.
    • Well...

      Windows Phone 8 is currently ARM-only, so no, that's not what this is for. And Microsoft has very tight rules on what's required for Windows Phone, Windows 8 RT, and regular Windows 8. This might technically run Windows 8, at least with a PC BIOS in place of the boot loader. But the screen doesn't meet the minimum requirements for Windows 8 tablets.

      Rather, Intel has been pushing very hard to get into the mobile business. Like Microsoft, they've found themselves too PC centric. They need a major brand to establish Intel on the phone, and can't really run into power or performance issues, or they fail entirely. They're only real mainstream option is Android. Certainly won't get Samsung using them -- they're in the ARM camp by design.

      But Motorola is a good choice. Now backed by Google of course, and they have done more innovation recently than anyone else, even Apple. They have the smartphone with the largest battery, the RAZR MAXX... a great platform for Intel.

      Intel may still have issues. The 2Ghz peak sounds power hungry, even for a 22nm chip. And it's single core, with all of Android now dual or quad. Still an interesting experiment.
      • ARM only, yes, but, for now...

        since, I'm pretty sure that Microsoft is aware of Intel putting out cpus that can work well for smartphones, just like they do for tablets.

        It's only a matter of time, and, with increasing popularity of the Atom smartphones, MS will be creating an Intel-based WP8 OS, if they haven't already been doing so.
      • Hazydave .. yes & no

        "...Intel may still have issues. The 2Ghz peak sounds power hungry, even for a 22nm chip. And it's single core, with all of Android now dual or quad. Still an interesting experiment."

        You'd have a big point if we were talking tablets or notebooks - but this is a smartphone: i can't see a single-core being a major impediment. Granted, if it gets to the point where many of the app's being released for the Android store are multi-thread optimized .. yeah, then you can say a single core is going to be the bottleneck; definitely. But all told, and again, i really don't see it as a major (..yet).

        Personally, i like this Intel/Motorola combo. This phone is bound to be great competition for the iPhone, WP8, Samsung variants & RIM's OS10. This is the type of release that is always good for Jane & Joe Public: more competition in a hotted up marketplace / industry space.

        I foresee this device doing some great business for Motorola (aka Google).

        Lastly, i will agree with you that a single-core, 22nm chip is gonna be a battery sapping, heat generating whopper. I hope (actually expect) that Intel's next iteration for later Motorola models will be at least dual core - and with heat & power minimization central to their design.

        Nice post! +10
        • I doubt it

          It's really just an effort to stay in the market. Ultimately the 'phone simply isn't good enough to provide any real competition to Apple or Samsung ... or even WP.

          You are right though, they will release something worth buying in the non too distant future.
  • fine cpu 2 g

    OK what about the gpu
  • I'm excited about an x86 phone

    and the possibility of dualbooting etc., but not with 8GB of internal storage - and I need a physical keyboard! I don't see anything in this phone that would make me pick it over another apart from the Intel part. How disappointing.
  • There's more, you lazy bums

    Read about this phone elsewhere a couple days ago:

    ...and it is worth waiting for. The specs are good, for sure, but the biggest advantage to the combo is battery life. It's supposed to much better with a 2,000mAh battery and the thing optimized for browsing - hopefully closer to the good old days when a phone didn't have to be plugged in for two days.

    It's priced at about $550 SIM-free and will show up in Europe next month.

    Of course, if this is a bust, I'm in for Robert's phone.