Photos: Nasa deploys NAS Storage

Photos: Nasa deploys NAS Storage

Summary: Space agency's flight research centre is using network-attached storage software from Exanet

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  • Clustered storage specialist Exanet has announced that Nasa's main flight research and test organisation, the Dryden Flight Research Center, will be using the company's Network Attached Storage (NAS) software. The centre for aeronautical flight research, based at Edwards Air Force Base, required a high-performance storage system and opted for an Exanet ExaStore–ICM cluster on top of IBM hardware.

  • The Exanet system was designed to handle the scientific data produced by mission tests ands to allow Nasa engineers to collaborate for data analysis. "We were looking for a cost-effective way to manage our mission-critical data in a simplified environment without sacrificing scalability, performance or the high availability needs of our research team," said Jessica Lux-Baumann, Nasa Flight Test Information Engineer.

Topic: Storage

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