Photos: New ePassport revealed

Photos: New ePassport revealed

Summary: Pictures show how the biometric passport will look

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  • Pictures show how the biometric passport will look

    The cover of the ePassport looks only slightly different.

    The passports are currently being trialled and will be available to the public from February. From tomorrow (1 December) the price of a UK passport jumps £9 to £51, with the price hike reflecting the cost of implementing anti-fraud measures.

    But the big difference is inside...

    Photo: Home Office

  • This chip will go on the back of the personal information page.

    It will hold the scan of the holder's facial features embedded in the chip.

    Other security features include enhanced background checks on applicants and face-to-face interviews for first-time adult applicants from October 2006.

    Photo: Home Office

Topic: Tech Industry

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