Photos: new Windows 7 notebooks

Photos: new Windows 7 notebooks

Summary: Most people will get Windows 7 preinstalled on a new computer. Here are some new and updated Windows 7 notebooks that we'd be happy to make the upgrade with.


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  • HP Envy 13-1000

    HP's Envy 13 is a stylish — if premium-priced — challenger to Apple's 13in. MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. It's got the key elements: a curvy aluminium body, a gorgeous edge-to-edge-glass screen, a chiclet-style keyboard and a buttonless multitouch trackpad. There's a fashionable pre-boot OS, but it has a minimalist set of ports (even the Ethernet port is on a USB dongle) and lacks both an expansion slot and an integrated optical drive. More of a mobile thoroughbred than a workhorse, the Envy 13 is evidence that the PC world can match the Apple stable for style when it tries.

    Screen size 13.1in.
    Screen resolution 1,366 x 768
    Dimensions 21.5 x 32 x 2.05cm
    Weight 1.7kg
    CPU 1.86GHz Intel Core 2 Duo SL9400
    Chipset n/s
    RAM 3GB
    Graphics ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330
    Storage 250GB HD
    Optical drive external LightScribe SuperMulti 8X DVD±RW
    Wi-Fi 802.11a/g/n
    Bluetooth 2.0+EDR
    Mobile broadband n/a
    Webcam 0.3 megapixels
    Ports 2xUSB 2.0, HDMI, RJ-45 (via USB dongle), audio
    Slots n/a
    Battery Li-ion: 4-cell, optional 6-cell add-on slice
    Battery life n/a
    Price (ex. VAT) £1,303


  • Fujitsu LifeBook T5010

    One of Windows 7's main new features is multi-touch support, and Fujitsu, a longstanding maker of Tablet PCs, is refreshing its T-series LifeBooks accordingly. As well as new 12.1in. T4410 and 4310 models, the existing 13.3in. T5010 will be upgradable to Windows 7. A well-specified convertible tablet, the T5010 (and the new 12.1in. models) is distinguished by its Wacom-developed dual stylus-driven/capacitive (finger-driven) touchscreen. This allows for precise pen input where necessary, and more expansive finger gestures where appropriate.

    Screen size 13.3in. (dual digitizer)
    Screen resolution 1,280 x 800
    Dimensions 31.9 x 24.4 x 3.7cm
    Weight 2.05kg
    CPU 2.53GHz Intel Core 2 Duo P8700
    Chipset Intel GM45 Express
    RAM 2GB
    Graphics Intel GMA 4500MHD
    Storage 160GB HD
    Optical drive DVD Super Multi
    Wi-Fi 802.11a/g/n
    Bluetooth 2.1+EDR (optional)
    Mobile broadband HSPA (optional)
    Webcam 1.3 megapixels
    Ports 3xUSB 2.0, FireWire, VGA, RJ-45, audio, docking
    Slots ExpressCard, SmartCard, SIM, flash card
    Battery Li-ion: 6-cell (63Wh), optional 41Whr 2nd battery
    Battery life 6 hours, 9h with optional 2nd battery
    Price (ex. VAT) £1,252


  • Archos 9 PC Tablet

    Described as 'the future of netbooks' by its French manufacturer, the Archos 9 PC Tablet is what we used to call a UMPC. Whether the more touch-friendly Windows 7 will give the form factor a boost remains to be seen, but this device looks intriguing enough for us to want to do a bit of hands-on testing. It has an optical mouse, and Archos will sell you a Bluetooth keyboard if the on-screen one fails to do it for you. With only one USB port on the device, the port replicator will probably be needed too. And it's a shame there's no integrated mobile broadband: you'll either have to tether your mobile phone via Bluetooth or put up with an ugly and awkward USB dongle.

    Screen size 9in. (resistive touchscreen)
    Screen resolution 1,024 x 600
    Dimensions 1.7cm thick
    Weight 820g
    CPU 1.1GHz Intel Atom Z515
    Chipset Intel US15W
    RAM n/s
    Graphics Intel GMA 500
    Storage 60GB HD (plus 25GB online storage)
    Optical drive n/a
    Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
    Bluetooth yes
    Mobile broadband (via external USB dongle)
    Webcam 1.3 megapixels
    Ports 1xUSB 2.0, docking
    (2xUSB 2.0, VGA, Ethernet, audio on port replicator)
    Slots n/a
    Battery Li-ion
    Battery life n/s
    Price (inc. VAT) £449.99


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