Photos: Nokia E7

Photos: Nokia E7

Summary: Nokia's business-friendly version of the N8, the keyboard-equipped E7, is due in the UK in December. We got to examine it at this week's Symbian Exchange & Exposition in Amsterdam

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  • At the Symbian Exchange & Exposition in Amsterdam, ZDNet UK got a chance to play with Nokia's E7, a business-friendly device that the manufacturer is planning to release in the UK soon.

    The handset closely resembles the Nokia N8, and like that phone it runs Symbian^3. However, it also has a QWERTY keyboard, which makes it a better emailing device than the more consumer-focused N8.

    Nokia confirmed on Wednesday, through a post on Twitter, that the E7 will go on sale in December.

    Photos: David Meyer

  • The E7's 4in. AMOLED screen slides up thanks to a rather large hinge that props it up at a comfortable angle when you're typing.

    The 16:9 capacitive touchscreen has a resolution of 640 by 360 pixels. Overall, the E7 measures 62.4mm wide by 123.7mm deep by 13.6 mm thick and weighs 176g.

  • The E7 has an HDMI connection that allows you to view content on a high-definition TV set.

Topics: Smartphones, Reviews

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  • I also do think that people have become victims of fashion and are paying high cost just to own a cool name. The Nokia phone are still great yes they might not be as good as the iPhone but in most cases one can only tell how better the competition is by doing a direct comparison. What one really needs they can get on other units too.

    The keyboard of this phone looks great. But now that Nokia has released Swype for Symbian^3 and are at beta stage for Symbian^1, the hardware keyboard might be going obsolete. I am running swype beta on my N97 and have not needed the hardware keyboard for a while now.