Photos: Nokia releases 'trend phones'

Photos: Nokia releases 'trend phones'

Summary: Oh L'Amour...

TOPICS: Mobility

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  • The second phone, the 7370, is a swivel design and slightly cheaper than its pen phone cousin at €300.

    Correspondingly, it's got a lower spec camera at 1.3 megapixels, plus an FM radio instead of an MP3 player. It also comes with a "fashion" headset and tasselled carrying pouch.

    The 7370 is available in two colours – coffee brown and warm amber, says Nokia, or light and dark brown to the average consumer.

    Photo credit: Nokia

  • At the lower end of the range is the 7360. €100 cheaper than its predecessor, it sheds the swivel's media playing bells and whistles.

    However, with no video ringtones and the like to speak of, the phone does boast a longer standby time of 14 days and the longest talk time of four hours.

    The phone will come with push-to-talk and email functionality.

    Photo credit: Nokia

Topic: Mobility

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