Photos: Optus's new home

Photos: Optus's new home

Summary: Optus staff are steadily moving into the telecommunications giant's brand new eight hectare campus in Sydney's North Ryde, and if appearances are anything to go by, the old North Sydney headquarters will soon be forgotten.


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  • Inside the visitors entry point. Reception is on the left.

    Photo credit: Steven Deare/ZDNet Australia

  • Most staff will meet customers or others from outside the company in this area just behind reception.

    Photo credit: Steven Deare/ZDNet Australia

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  • Optus new home

    No pictures of general workspaces.

    Only the gaudy call centre, that I believe will give headaches ;-)
  • optus new center

    does this mean that the service will be more reliable and support staff will speak english, i bought out of my contract with these drop kicks just so i could get a service that works
  • Optus - What service?

    I own a business and have been loyal to Optus with Telephony; Mobile fleet; Internet and hosting for quite a number of years now. I have spent good money to never have a call returned from the local business office with raft of excuses over the past 6 months. My loyalty is dwindling, but I do not want Telstra.
    Would llove to hear froma senior director of Optus who would like to service its customers and here about it so called business direct area.
  • optus new home

    Looks pretty sharp, lets hops that it improves on call quality, ive had a few shocking moments on calls, with the mobile section, dont seem to know whhats going on...
  • I have a yes optus network LG phone but my country doesnt pick up the net so is there some possibilities?
    Moses Kambe