Photos: Origami Ultra Mobile PCs

Photos: Origami Ultra Mobile PCs

Summary: CeBIT: Real UMPC hardware at last, from Samsung, Asus and Founder

TOPICS: Hardware

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  • Intel's general manager for Europe, Christian Morales, introducing three Ultra Mobile Origami PCs — from Samsung, Asus and Founder — at CeBIT on 9 March.

  • Samsung's Q1 will be available in Europe from May, and will cost around €1,000 (£700). It has a 7-inch. 800×480-pixel TFT touchscreen, is powered by a 900MHz ultra-low-voltage Celeron M processor with 512MB of RAM, and has a 40GB hard disk. Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) and Bluetooth are built in, along with wired 10/100Mbps Ethernet, but other functionality, such as wide-area (GPRS, 3G) connectivity, GPS or digital TV, comes via add-ons (USB or CompactFlash). Like the other UMPCs, the Q1 runs Windows XP Tablet PC Edition with Microsoft's Touch Pack add-on. Samsung claims that the Q1's battery will last for "over three-and-a-half hours".

Topic: Hardware


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  • Not the best looking device !!

  • It's called a laptop, Use it :D
  • Oqo beats these on all counts, and has done for over a year.
  • Origami is well behind the times in reality. Products like the Web pad from DT research in the US and the 3pos XPpad in the UK have more functionality, better battery life, rugged magnesim 1.5 metre tested casing, standard pccard slot to add 3g card or wifi. Built in bluetooth and choice of between thin client to full windows xp make Samsung Q1 a poor choice.
    Both DT research and the 3POS UK equivilent have been around for over 3 years and an excellent track history.
    for more info contact or