Photos: Playing full scale London Monopoly

Photos: Playing full scale London Monopoly

Summary: Ride in cabs, earn 'millions' online...

TOPICS: Networking

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  • The 18 cabs in the game have been fitted with global positioning system (GPS) technology, and every 15 minutes their position on the board is updated according to where their fares have taken them.

    So if your cabby picks up a fare taking him to Soho and on the board that property is owned by another player then it's bad news because you'll have to pay up. But of course if another player's cab ends up in an area that you own then you're in the money.

  • Congestion at the Bank of England: Rather than rolling dice, players are at the mercy of London’s traffic to make their way around the board.

  • Natural History Museum: It costs £1.8m to buy the Natural History Museum in the game – a bargain price for such a choice piece of real estate.

Topic: Networking

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