Photos: RBS Marketplace app for BlackBerry's PlayBook tablet

Photos: RBS Marketplace app for BlackBerry's PlayBook tablet

Summary: Investment banking intelligence mobilised...


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  • RBS Marketplace PlayBook app

    Investment banking intelligence mobilised...

    Investment bank RBS Global Banking & Markets has been showing off a new version of its BlackBerry PlayBook tablet app for registered users of its investment intelligence service, RBS Marketplace.

    The RBS Marketplace app first launched back in April, in time for the PlayBook's US release, and will shortly be available for the first time in the UK when RIM's tablet hits Blighty's shops next week, on 16 June.

    While RBS customers can access research articles on their smartphones - typically via email as PDFs - the company reckons tablets offer a better environment for reading long articles. "Some of the research articles are a couple of hundred pages long - you're not going to read that on your smartphone," said a company spokesman.

    Photo: Natasha Lomas/

  • RBS Marketplace PlayBook app

    The RBS Marketplace app has been designed for RBS customers to get access to relevant research and strategy data when they are out of the office, according to Ron Karpovich, global head of fixed income, currencies and commodities product management, electronic markets at RBS GBM - pictured above-right demoing the app at a media briefing in London this week.

    The company surveyed its clients at the end of last year to look at the ways they were consuming research. "There was a clear demand for mobile devices," said Karpovich.

    RBS Marketplace isn't the first tablet app the investment bank has launched. It released an iPad app back in March this year, and is also eyeing up the Android platform for its next launch.

    The company plans to consolidate its apps across the three platforms so there is a consistent user experience, it said.

    "We're not taking everything we do on our desktop applications and porting them over to a smaller device that they can [use] anytime, anywhere," Karpovich said. "What we're looking at is, what kind of interaction does a user have with RBS when they're out of the office at a wholesale banking level?"

    Photo: Natasha Lomas/

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