Photos: Samsung Q330

Photos: Samsung Q330

Summary: Samsung's 13.3in. ultraportable is slim, stylish and packs in a good set of features, including Bluetooth 3.0, for the price.


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  • Samsung's Q330 is a slim 13.3in. notebook offering good features at a low cost. We found it online for as low as £438 (ex. VAT) running Windows 7 Home Premium: if you need a Windows 7 Professional version, you should expect to pay around £520 (ex. VAT).

    The screen has a native resolution of 1,366 by 768 pixels and its glossy coating should help maximise brightness and enhance video playback clarity. As ever with this type of screen, though, it is very reflective.

  • The Q330 weighs 1.96kg and measures 32.9cm by 22.95cm by 2.64-3.2cm. Despite its slimness, Samsung has managed to include an optical drive — quite a feat, as many 13.3in. notebooks lack this feature.

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